Vegan and Savvy

Following a vegan diet and staying within budget can be tricky but surly not impossible! How many times have you heard the phrase, “You’re a vegan.. that must be expensive!” Some of you may already know that a vegan diet is highly obtainable with a low budget. For my newbies or long term vegans looking for ways to save some money, here are some tricks that may work for you!

Grocery Shopping Tips

When planning out a budget for groceries, it is beneficial to start with the staple foods in your diet. As with all budgeting, make a list of the foods you are buying before being bombarded at the grocery store. Start with the “center of the plate” foods which are usually starches and protein. Some examples may be potatoes or rice with lentils or tofu. Thankfully, on average meat prices are much more expensive per pound than meat alternatives like tofu. Whichever your preference, make these foods high priority since they are the bulk of most meals. Another great idea is to shop around locally for the best prices, some farmers markets in your areas may have produce for affordable prices. Finally, I would suggest moving away from vegan specialized products like vegan cheese as these products can be pricey. If you truly enjoy these foods make them a special occasion food, for example a vegan macaroni and cheese on the weekends!

As you may already know, buying in bulk is another great way to save money. Although this makes prepping and planning meals a bit more complicated, with some practice it will become second nature.

The Family Vegan

Dinner can be a challenge for parents who are vegan, but have no fear. There are many delicious vegan recipes the entire family will enjoy and ways to tweak your own meal when deciding to serve a non-vegan dish.

Who can go wrong with spaghetti and meatballs? This kid pleaser is easy to make and conveniently accessible to vegans as well. Opt for a turkey meatball for the kids to save some fat and whip up some vegetarian meatballs for yourself! These “meatballs” can be bought pre-made or on your own with tempeh or chickpeas. The link below includes the recipe for meatless meatballs.

Meatless Meatballs

Here are some links to vegan recipes that will be sure to ward off any tears or conflict at the dinner table.

Vegan Dinner Recipes for the Family

Kid Friendly Vegan Recipes



VRG: Is It More Expensive to Eat a Vegan Diet


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